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Dental professionals that we have helped and what they have to say about

Pearly White Prevention

"Our office has become much easier to oversee since Ryan has implemented Pearly White Prevention as Hygiene Manager.  Hygiene has moved from an overhead stress to profitability.  The Hygienists are talking about all the services available, discussing the benefits of services, and explaining the potential costs to patients.  Hygienists are taking photos and utilizing these as teaching aids which helps the patients visualize the problems.  This helps patients to better understand solutions.

Ryan pays close attention to new studies and products and integrates a growing number of services into the Hygiene Department.  I would recommend Pearly White Prevention to anyone who feels their Hygiene department could improve!

 Kevin Reiners, DDS

It was such a pleasure to have Pearly White Prevention as our hygiene consultants!   The knowledge and tools they provided us with have already helped our hygiene department grow!  They were so helpful and continue to be of assistance on a regular basis.  Having the experience with a general dental consultant in the past, I did thoroughly appreciate the focus and dedication Pearly White Prevention has on the growth of hygiene department!  Thank you!!! 

Leslie Williams, RDH

"Pearly White Prevention program is amazing.  Their results in our practice have been astounding.  He has improved the quality of patient care while increasing production in the hygiene program.  My staff is motivated! Patients are happy, and well cared for.  If you are looking to improve your practice, Ryan's great to work with.  He understands both sides of dental care health and business.  I couldn't recommend more highly."

Janet Livingston, Office Manager

"Having a hygiene department at Morning Glory Dental that runs smoothly on it's own and strives for greatness has been a huge  benefit as a dentist.  Having Pearly White Prevention systems has really helped increase profits and decrease stress in our office."

Steve Kerns, DDS

"Ryan is a great hygiene manager and coordinator.  He implemented production pay in our office.  It has benefited the whole office greatly by increasing office production rates and motivating the hygienist to go above and beyond for the patients. I would recommend him to any office wanting to improve their practice. "

Brittany Bloch, RDH

"Hygiene have increased approximately by 17%! Amy and Suzie have still managed to almost double their production since working with you guys.  Overall, I feel like our transitions/handoffs from hygiene to me have become smoother. We are still working out some kinks, especially after coming back from COVID, but it is definitely an improvement from a year ago. I also feel like Amy and Suzie's overall confidence has increased and they are talking to patients more about fluoride, sealants, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. 

Arielle Brinkmann, DDS

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