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You may have a gut feeling that you're doing ok, but what if you're not? Wouldn't you want to know?  We look at your numbers to gather information and give you personalized feed back  in areas that should be fixed, improved, changed or kept exactly the same in your hygiene department.  If you are rocking it, then we will let you know and let you continue on with your success!  However, wouldn't this be good to know?  This will help relieve your stress and make things better for all involved in your office.  Email us to find out!


This is the main area for hygienists when it comes to continued care for their patients.  We work on prevention every day.  We help to remind your hygienists of their skill set, and work on 3 steps to turn around their prevention conversation with patients.  We not only teach your hygienists to feel more confident in themselves but teach your hygienists how to increase their prevention services. 


Here's the thing...finding periodontal disease is the easy part, but knowing how to maximize return that benefits you and the patient is the hard part.  We have solutions for insurance issues, using the right codes that are involved in Perio therapy,  and dealing with those difficult prophylaxis cases.  We help you navigate getting paid for the work that is completed. 


Does your office have a mission statement or core values? We help your team work together for a common goal.   We elevate communication between your departments and guide your office to run smoother by digging a little deeper.  We assist in training of your management to create a cohesive working environment and use tools to help develop understanding and leadership in your office.


Even if you have already contemplated how to pay your hygienist by production, the truth is you don't have the time with your busy schedule to figure it all out!  

Maybe you already wanted to transition into an incentive pay program,  but don't know where to start.  We still can help go over personalized options that would work best for your office, and assist in understanding how to maintain the momentum. 

We also assist in the training of your management team and your new hygienists. We also work with you to alleviate some of the stress in your life by delegating some responsibilities. Even if giving up control is hard, we still help you to decrease stress at work and you should be less stressed at work!

"Having a hygiene department that runs smoothly on its own and strives for greatness has been a huge benefit as a dentist.  Having Pearly White Prevention systems has really helped increase profits and decrease stress in the office." ~ Steve, DDS

"Ryan and Erin are exceptional clinicians, educators, and consultants. They are true visionaries that have worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and help support dental offices and providers to achieve their highest level of excellence. Through Pearly White Prevention, they will help empower the dental professional to grow personally and professionally, while building a profitable practice. I highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed!" ~ Jasmin, RDH




2 weeks with info

This is where we get a chance to know you, how best to help and develop a game plan!  In order to do that, we run the numbers and see how best to streamline your hygiene department and increase your revenue!

Erin & Ryan Prof.jpg

Tier 1

6 months

You should set some time aside for us to figure out how we can help you! Then we will kick start the program to help you empower change. We create incentives and stream-line hygiene systems from the ground up, and it can be fun!


Tier 2

Every month

FIRST you should set up your FREE phone call to see if this is where you want to start. Get access to the learning library, task lists, and progress reports in order to keep your dental office organized.  Our software helps take the stress out of managing your office!

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