Prevention Specialists

Between the two of us we have over 35 years of clinical hygiene experience, and continue to grow in hygiene.  Our consulting is designed to empower your hygienist to use the full scope of their abilities to increase prevention, which will in turn increase your production.  When your hygienists' feel good about themselves and enjoy their job, patients feel it too!  By enhancing prevention, streamlining hygiene, and opening up communication, both your hygienists and your business will benefit and grow!

Mission Statement

"Elevating  dental hygiene to create a partnership within the dental practice."

Vision Statement

"Empowering hygienists across the nation, and those they work with, to use the tools given to them to build confidence as a health care provider and create a cohesive working environment."

Core Values






Ryan D. Rutar, RDH, MAM
CEO, Co-Founder, Consultant, Speaker

Ryan is the Dental Hygiene Manager of Morning Glory Dental. He knows how to make changes in the hygiene department to really make it profitable. His first time taking over the hygiene department, he increased production by 27% in the first year. Change is not always easy, but Ryan brings fun and humor to make the transition easier.  His expertise lies in Dentrix software, coding, production pay, creating hygiene managers and effective communication. 

Ryan is a Past-President of NeDHA, is a member of AADH & ADHA, has published articles in Access Magazine and was on the Colgate Oral Health Advisory Board. He was awarded Nebraska's Dental Hygienist of the year and National Heart to Hands Award by Philips.  He has done speaking engagements on  "Anxiety Through the Roof," "Releasing the Savvy Hygienists Within," "We know what Assuming means...Being culturally humble to the LGBTQIA patient,"  "The Relationship with Dental Hygiene"

Erin Haley-Hitz, RDH, MS
Co-Founder, Consultant, Speaker

Erin has over 25 years of dental hygiene experience on her side. She is self-motivated, health care professional dedicated to the promotion of optimal oral health and total health with proven leadership, education experience, and motivational abilities using effective interpersonal skills. Her expertise lies in Eagle-Soft and Dentrix software, coding, insurance, prevention and time management.

Erin is a Past-President of NeDHA, is a member of AADH, & ADHA, and has served in many different capacities for ADHA as a delegate, on government affairs and is currently serving as District Trustee. She has written articles for Today's RDH and Access Magazine. She was also recently named Nebraska's Dental Hygienist of the year 2020.  She is also a Public Health hygienist and trained in Oral-Facial Myology.