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Hygiene Salary Assessment

Ryan Rutar or Erin Haley-Hitz

Not sure if you are getting paid enough?  Not sure if there are other alternatives to increase your value?
Allow us to look at your production/numbers that you are producing and we can tell you!  We can help you gain the confidence you need to talk about the numbers that you are putting out and can logically ask for a raise, or change in pay with the information given

"Ryan really took the time to help me understand how production works. He helped me solve some issues and answered all of my questions. Thank you Ryan!" ~ Erica, RDH

" I highly recommend having a consult with Ryan and Erin no matter where you are at in your career. They are both professional and bring many years of experience to the dental hygiene profession both clinical and on a leadership level. They have great feedback after they analyze where you are at in your career. They not only gave excellent advice, but also were looking out for my best interest. They really helped me think about my career and opened my eyes to my worth and helped me determine what I deserve in my career. I can’t thank them enough for their salary assessment after 13 years of practicing as a hygienist and working harder more than ever. Thank you both for your expertise!" 

~ Brie, RDH

Have Questions? Need Coaching?


Erin Haley-Hitz, RDH, MS


If you need someone to listen to your needs, she is your gal. Erin is a great change innovator. A discovery call with Erin will help Identify how pearly white prevention self-study or coaching can help you reignite your passion for the profession in dental hygiene. If you feel you need more professional coaching to help you reach your professional clinical goals and increase your value within the dental practice, scheduling a call should help you identify the path to reaching your goals.

Ryan Profile

Ryan Rutar, RDH, MAM


When you are on the phone with Ryan for your discovery call, you will notice that the conversation will be easy.  He's very light hearted and will help you answer any question you may have. Those questions may be from, "What goes on in the self-study course and would I be a good fit?" to "Can you help me figure out my numbers?"  Ryan can also help dentists' assess their hygiene departments to increase profits and develop hygiene managers to decrease stress in the work place.  Ryan works very close with his dentist and knows how to create positive change. You should give him a call!

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