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Look below to see which CE will best fit your next event or office!  Other topics are available to coach your clinical team. 

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Anxiety Through the Roof...Managing your patients and yourself
By Ryan Rutar, RDH, MAM, BS, BA
  • Recognize different parts of the brain responsible for behavior

  • Identify different medications and their effects to enhance, complement, or interfere with anxiety

  • Apply strategies to enhance treatment and comfort of the patient

LGBT Photo
Don't assume! Making space for enhancing cultural humility for LGBTQ+ patients
By Ryan Rutar, RDH, MAM, BS, BA
  • Recognize our unconscious bias and increase our emotional intelligence

  • Identify familiar terms used by the LGBT+ community

  • Develop different strategies for at risk individuals

  • Recognize affects in the mouth during Gender Confirmation

  • Modify strategies to enhance cultural humility with in our office.

Smile with Pride: Transforming Health for Gender Diverse Individuals
By Ryan Rutar, RDH, MAM, BS, BA
  • Discern difference between gender spectrum and sexual orientation

  • Identify oral and health disparities across the gender spectrum

  • Develop communication skills to create an inclusive environment

  • Recognize commonly used medications for HIV and HIV prevention

Past Speaking Events

  • Washington State WDHA                          LGBTQ Humility                
  • Star of the South Dental Houston, TX.    Anxiety/LGBTQ    
  • Nebraska Annual Session NDHA            LGBTQ Humility    
  • Virginia Annual Session VDHA                Anxiety/LGBTQ   
  • Waterpik Online                                         LGBTQ Humility  
  •  American Dental Hygienist Assoc.         LGBTQ Humility   
  •  British Columbia, Canada DHA.               LGBTQ Humility   
  •  Dental Festival, Nashville, TN                  Diversity Panel   
  •  Phillips Sonicare Online                           LGBTQ Humility   
  •  Montana Fall Session MDHA                   Anxiety/LGBTQ   
  • Wisconsin INDIGO                                      Anxiety/LGBTQ   
    RDH Under One Roof                                 Anxiety


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Getting in Motion with Health Promotion
By Erin Haley-Hitz RDH, MS, BSDH

​Basic behavioral change theory and how to use them, bringing theory into practice. 

  • The health belief model

  • The transtheoretical model

  • The Lewin Change Theory

  • The Lean System

Untitled design (17).png
Habit Building for Patient success 
By Erin Haley-Hitz RDH, MS, BSDH, OM
  • Basic coaching techniques to motivate patients.

  • Using the untapped power within a patient to achieve better success.

  • Support new habit building through self-determination and self-efficacy.

  • Learn how to regain passion for your career and let go of the power struggle with patients. 

Erin's Past Speaking Events

  RDH Under One Roof 2022, Orlando, Fl.     Health Promotions 
  NEDHA , Omaha Nebraska                           Health Promotions   

Navigating the Waves of Dental Hygiene:
Strategies for Smoother Waters

By Ryan D Rutar, RDH, MAM, BS, BA & Erin Haley-Hitz RDH, MS, BSDH, OM
  • Recognize collaborative interdisciplinary opportunities for optimal patient outcomes

  • Identify pathways for skill enhancement and career development

  • Apply techniques to maximize dental hygiene performance

What People are Saying

  1. Absolutely Love Ryan!! How can you not laugh at his jokes? Janessa RDH

  2. This is so awesome and much needed.  Thank you so much for doing this!  Love it! Arica, RDH

  3. Very informative presentation and entertaining.  Thanks Ryan, that was awesome! Brittany, RDH

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